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  • Testimonial from: David and Alison

"Thank you for all your and your colleagues’ expert work in restoring our 1953 Clipper Airstream. Although the interior space that you had to work within was small, you have created a relaxing, functional and stylish environment. The transformation is stunning. We are particularly pleased with our Cinderella toilet in the bathroom which incinerates our waste and reduces the amount of water we use in the Airstream.

"Your use of quality materials and the focus on attention to detail is impressive. With your in-depth knowledge of how Airstreams were originally manufactured, you were able to restore the exterior of the van accurately keeping to its original design.

"We appreciated all your and Kathy’s help with the interior design and layout.

"Our challenge will be to regularly polish the exterior to maintain the brilliant mirror finish that you’ve achieved on the exterior of our Airstream.

"Thank you."


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